Improve Quality & Performance

Improve Quality & Performance

Enhance Organization-Wide Performance through Key Supply Chain Improvements

Identifying ways to reduce supply expense will always be a significant part of the healthcare supply chain role. Yet overseeing supply price isn’t the only way to improve your bottom line. Focusing on operational efficiencies and new value-based approaches to cost reduction can result in long-term financial rewards—with the added benefit of improved quality performance.

Acurity gives you the tools you need to make meaningful operational improvements that in turn improve healthcare outcomes. We work with you to scale this success to reach across your organization and the healthcare continuum through a customized Supply Chain Improvement Plan.

Working with Clinicians

Multidisciplinary collaboration is essential to achieving sustainable improvement. Organizations that actively involve clinicians in buying decisions make the greatest headway on the road to value-based purchasing. As the end-users, clinicians, physicians, and other service line leaders truly understand the products that provide optimal patient care. And supply chain executives truly understand how to meet growing budgetary constraints. Acurity uses proven strategies for clinician engagement, such as tactics for analyzing physician preference item use, into all of our Supply Chain Improvement Plans. Learn more.

Supply Chain Operations Support

Acurity offers more than a contract portfolio. Our business solutions experts help you manage and streamline operations by providing key analytical support where you need it, freeing up your staff to focus on more strategic endeavors. Learn more.

Hospital & Affiliate Integration

While new partnerships help address value-based financial obstacles, they can also bring added operational challenges. Involving supply chain at the onset of a merger, acquisition, or affiliation can have a significant impact. Syncing the purchasing practices and standardization requirements of each hospital—or hospital and practice—can translate into major savings as well as avoided costs. Acurity has helped prestigious health systems and integrated delivery networks define, restructure, and transform supply chain value as they merged, acquired, and integrated care delivery. Learn more.

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Technology & Analytics

Improving care quality and reducing total operating expenses calls for detailed—often patient-level—data, reporting, and technology integration. Acurity connects you to the solutions you need so that you are better equipped to repurpose existing data to determine where you can reduce costs and make improvements. Learn more.

Managing Drug Utilization

With drug costs continuing to rise, hospitals and health systems must continually evaluate their drug utilization patterns to find innovative ways to save while maintaining high-quality patient care. Acurity’s pharmacy experts help you create pathways for increased pharmacist-to-physician communication and forward-thinking solutions to complex challenges. Learn more.

Readying the Supply Chain for Value-Based Care

With reimbursement rates increasingly tied to the quality of care, healthcare leaders are increasingly looking at the impact a product or device has on patient outcomes and the supply chain’s role in the purchase of that product or device. The best purchasing results tie an item to an improved healthcare outcome at a lower acquisition cost. Acurity helps prepare the supply chain for the new level of data, reporting, infrastructure, and operational improvements that are required to achieve this result, and in turn, provide greater strategic value to their organization.