Improving healthcare performance

through supply chain

We’re healthcare people—and we’re deeply committed to improving patient care. We help providers deliver better care and reduce operating expenses through enhanced supply chain performance.

Whether your organization is an academic medical center, a rural/community hospital, or an integrated delivery network, Acurity brings vast experience and a unique perspective to creating a data-driven plan that optimizes your resources and improves your bottom line.

Acurity’s success is driven by our close working relationships with providers and our extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry. We know we have done our job well when our members succeed in providing high-quality, affordable healthcare.

Group Purchasing Program

Because no two healthcare organizations are the same, Acurity delivers solutions based on specific needs, not pre-packaged offerings. The Acurity Group Purchasing Program reflects this principle. Our program combines regional contracting with the power of national aggregation through our parent company Premier. This model allows Acurity to offer a robust purchasing portfolio with a greater level of support to both freestanding and affiliated hospitals and health systems.


Acurity was born of health provider needs. Founded as GNYHA Services in 1978 by the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), our company offered supply chain solutions to hospitals in the Greater New York area. We have continued to evolve and now serve more than 300 hospitals and health systems, and over 2,300 health-related facilities, across the country.

In February 2020, Acurity was acquired by Premier.

Highest Standards of Business Ethics

Premier and Acurity are committed to the highest ethical standards, which are defined in Premier’s Code of Conduct. Our employees operate first and foremost as advocates of our members. Our guiding principles remain top of mind: integrity, respect, excellence, and collaboration.

Premier, our parent company, is equally committed to a code that governs its approach to purchasing. Both companies were among the nine founders of the  an organization created to promote and monitor the most ethical purchasing practices for hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Acurity places great importance on social responsibility. Not only do we contribute to quality healthcare, we create and support programs dedicated to improving worker and patient safety, the environmentsupplier diversity, and emergency preparedness.


Acurity is now a Premier company. Acurity members have access to all of the best-in-class resources and business solutions powered by all of our companies.

Parent Company

Healthcare Supply Chain Consulting Partner


Acurity is led by some of the healthcare industry’s most seasoned professionals. Our multigenerational team comprises individuals who share our corporate mission and values. Their years of experience  help ensure that our members can succeed.