Supply Chain Improvement Plan

Supply Chain Improvement Plan

You need to know where you’re going before you can figure out the best way to get there. By approaching every member relationship with the objective of creating a clinically integrated supply chain focused on improving care quality and reducing total operating expenses, Acurity helps hospitals and health systems improve performance in ways they never imagined possible.

The steps we take depend on a hospital’s specific challenges and goals. That’s why every Acurity Supply Chain Improvement Plan begins with a conversation.

Our Methodology

Step 1:


Alignment is critical to creating a plan to achieve and sustain top supply chain performance. The purpose of the alignment process is to evaluate your hospital’s supply chain practices and discuss how to optimize production. An alignment conversation generally begins with an assessment of supply expense metrics (based on total operating expense or as a percentage of net patient revenue). Our team uses advanced benchmarking technology, analytics, and subject matter expertise to assess where your organization ranks in comparison to industry standards. We then discuss the outcome of this analysis to gain insight into your larger goals.

Step 2:

Identify & Implement

Acurity uses the information obtained during the alignment stage to prioritize areas of supply chain operations as well as identify the specific service lines and product categories that hold the greatest opportunities for improvement. We create a data-driven roadmap along with a dashboard documenting identified opportunities to manage progress toward our shared goals.

Step 3:

Manage & Measure

Maintenance is imperative to long-term success. When it comes to supply chain transformation, Acurity is your partner. We don’t just suggest areas for improvement. We collaborate with you to implement solutions and ensure sustainability by measuring results. We create financial and operational scorecards and share them through quarterly business reviews to help you manage and grow on your success.

Step 4:


When one goal is achieved, another always seems to follow. Acurity is committed to working alongside you to achieve the best outcomes for your patients, your organization, and your community.

Features of the Acurity Supply Chain Improvement Plan