Frequently Asked Questions

We negotiate Acurity direct contracts as well as enhancements to Premier’s national contracts.

Enhanced agreements begin with the contract negotiated by our national GPO partner, the Premier Healthcare Alliance, but they include additional value negotiated by Acurity (based on regional price points and expectations, which typically exceed national pricing).

Acurity negotiates directly with suppliers to secure incremental value based on member data, input from our network of member advisors, and a stringent due diligence process. The decision to contract with a supplier is dictated by

  1. our members’ willingness to participate in a particular supplier’s offerings
  2. the supplier’s ability to offer enhanced value, terms, or conditions to our members

All enhancements are posted on our website along with details on how to submit a proposal. Participating suppliers are also welcome to submit proposals to Acurity proactively.

Acurity offers traditional GPO offerings (medical/surgical commodities, etc.) as part of our regional program as well as products and services not typically seen in a group purchasing portfolio. Our process for determining a direct contract is detailed below.

Acurity selects contract categories and suppliers based on documented member participation, an identified hospital need, member requests, or to fill a perceived gap in the portfolio. Prior to negotiations, there is a discovery/due diligence period that includes research into the contract category, into the market leaders, and into member interest and feedback.Once viable suppliers have been identified, we assess their ability to offer compelling value to Acurity members.Acurity compares all supplier value propositions against a vast database of member purchase histories to ensure that the Acurity contract value is attractive when compared to retail pricing and likely to be of interest to Acurity members. The most successful contracted suppliers are able to exchange a lower margin for faster, more significant sales uptake.

Yes, Acurity is committed to including certified diverse suppliers in our contract portfolio. We ensure that these suppliers meet our quality standards and can meet hospital and health-system demand.

Learn more about our Diverse Supplier Initiative.

Acurity offers physician preference products on a multi-source basis in order to offer participants a choice of suppliers for the products offered. If for any particular product one or more supplier contracts are offered at the national level, we do not necessarily offer more than one additional supplier at the Acurity regional level. The multi-source requirement is met if participants have a choice of more than one supplier through the Acurity/Premier Group Purchasing Program, regardless of whether one is offered through a national contract and one is offered through a regional contract.

There are numerous benefits to contracting with us, including

  • working with a company that maintains a reputation for contracting with quality suppliers at a fair price
  • increased visibility to a membership of more than 300 hospitals and health systems and over 2,300 health-related facilities across the country with an established aggregate participation of over $7 billion
  • a shorter sales cycle through field support and value validation
  • support from a well-established network of client service professionals and an analytics team who can personally demonstrate the benefit of contract adoption at each member facility
  • a relationship with a company that has its roots in clinical and political advocacy for providers
  • the ability to provide differentiated value in the market
  • a consistent contract launch process led by an unparalleled team committed to securing significant member savings and benefits while helping our suppliers grow
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